Who We Are

We are Focused on,
providing excellence, value, and satisfaction to our clients

Who We Are

Barnksforte Group of companies is a global company incorporated in Nigeria with domestic and international business portfolios and trade links. We offer development solutions in Africa and internationally. We have offices, affiliates and partners globally including Nigeria, Europe, the UK & USA.

In Nigeria, we have executed projects for Federal, State, and Local governments as well as the private sector and major NGO’s. Our other subsidiary companies are:

Barnksforte Technology ~ Link to Website | Barnksforte Homes ~ Link to Website | | Barnksforte Farms ~ Link to Website
Barnksforte HealthCare ~ Link to Website | Barnksforte Energy~ Link to Website | | Barnksforte Global~ Link to Website

Partnership Methodology

For the realization of the economic transformation of Africa, we have made tremendous investment in research and development of transferable and adaptable technology. Our company values the importance of our relationship with all of our clients and technical partners.

Barnksforte Global has a strong tie with its partners. In all our dealings, we pull resources from across the globe; the solution we do not have will only be such that has not been invented or does not exist anywhere in the world. We facilitate overseas travel and processes as a routine to train and import resources for projects that we are handling for our clients.

Our Coporate Culture Goal

To continually evolve our skills so as to deliver excellent services to our clients. This reflects the dynamism of the company, and our mission which has a focus on sustainability, job creation both internal and external to our projects, and mentorship so that as we learn we also pass on to others and the external communities which adds value.


Our vision

To be a leading provider of development solutions across the continent of Africa and Internationally.


Our mission

To facilitate infrastructure, human, knowledge management and technology transfers for sustainable economic development in Africa.