About Us

Barnksforte Group is a global company incorporated in Nigeria with domestic and international business portfolios and trade links. We offer development solutions in Africa and internationally. We have offices, affiliates and partners globally including Nigeria, Europe, the UK & USA.

We maintain management consultants in various disciplines, and employ experts in project management, construction and engineering, housing, ICT, and other areas. We have successfully done business with USAID, DFID, and Federal and state governments and MDA’s with our affiliates. Some of our areas of core competency include:

  • Estate development and project management
  • Housing, infrastructure, financing (BGL Mortgage)
  • ICT
  • Healthcare and Medical Equipment
  • Agricultural Development and Mechanized Farming
  • Road Construction, Civil & Building Engineering
  • Rural Electrification and Alternative Power Generation
  • General Manpower Development
  • Business Development / Consultancy
  • Leadership Development, Capacity Building and Networking
  • Oil & Gas

Barksforte Group has a purpose-driven organization with the products and services, development concepts, intellectual capital, and business solutions is focused on the transformation of the African economy. In realization of the economic transformation of Africa, we have made tremendous investment in research and development of transferable and adaptable technology. At BarnksForte construction for example, in our housing application we can provide the latest tech to rapidly fulfill low cost housing requirements without sacrificing quality, through innovative factory and logistics developments at our disposal.